A Shaman, a Cannabis Coach and a 62 Year Old Newfoundlander (Part #3: The 62 Year Old and the Quantum Entanglement)

If you haven’t read part #1 or part #2, I would encourage you to read those pieces first so that you’ll be able to understand the significance and strength of the quantum entanglement at play between these 3 individuals.

(Jane and Rebecca, Sept. 2016. The Shaman, July, 2013)

As I have alluded to earlier, in addition to being a cannabis coach, I am also a registered massage therapist. In Canada, we carry a professional designation and are regulated by our government as healthcare providers. Much of what’s in my scope of practice is very similar to what a physiotherapist or physical therapist would do. I spend a generous portion of my waking hours pushing and pulling the muscles and joints of other people.

All day long… 10 hours, to be exact.

(These are pictures taken inside my clinic. You can see the aromatherapy jet steam shower and the life-sized Buddha standing at one end of my treatment table. The Buddha, is a stoic reminder to be humble and always strive to maintain balance between male and female energies.) 

I’m also considered a veteran in my field with 25 years of clinical experience.

My forte is in chronic pain management and the treatment of neurological and autoimmune diseases.

About 18 months ago, I bought a waterfront property and moved to a smaller house in an entirely different neighbourhood. I work a lot and like most people, am on the go constantly. I never really have taken the time to get to know my neighbours, other than to introduce myself when I first moved in or wave as I am driving past. Most of my neighbours are either cottagers or snowbirds. If they aren’t already retired, they soon will be.

At 45, I’m literally the new kid on the block and pretty much have kept to myself until about a month ago.

I was sitting on my dock contemplating the meaning of life, one of the best ways I know how…with the aid of a little Super Lemon Haze.

(Super Lemon Haze is one of my favourite cannabis strains. It’s great for channeling some exceptional “hideas”.)

Then, one of my neighbours walked out on his dock. (His name is John.) We exchanged pleasantries and I inquired about how his wife was doing. I knew that she had a surgery, of some description, a few months back. I didn’t know what type and I hadn’t seen her outside, in weeks. He shared that his wife, did indeed, have surgery about 4 months ago. It was supposed to correct a problem in her lower back. He went on to say, that her surgeon had removed 2 discs and shaved a vertebra but that she was still in excruciating pain and as a result, couldn’t walk very far.

They were originally from Newfoundland, (which is an island just off the east coast of Canada), and being on the water here, reminded them of where they grew up.

 (This is a picture taken from the end of my dock, looking towards Jane and John’s dock and boat.)

He went on to lament that his wife thought that she would be able to enjoy their boat this summer after her procedure, but at this point was struggling to even be able to walk as far as their dock. He explained that the surgery only corrected a small portion of what was causing her pain. This was a huge disappointment for both of them. As a result of dealing with the chronic pain, his wife had slipped into a depression. It got so bad that she wasn’t getting out of bed for days at a time and had lost interest in seeing her friends.

“It’s been rough”, he said. “She was up all night in pain again last night and I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Feeling the desperation in his voice, I told him what I do for a living.

Then, I went out on a limb and told him that I’m also a medical cannabis patient.

I shared that I have successfully used it to treat multiple sclerosis and put my body into remission. I told him that the disease took out the left side of my body from the chest down and that I had lost my eye-sight twice. Fortunately, between attacks, I regained full function but since I started eating cannabis, I haven’t had any more episodes.

I waited with bated breathe for a few moments. I’d just laid this guy, flat out.

I understood that he might be from the generation where there is little distinction between a massage therapist and a body rub attendant. (A.K.A: prostitute.)

Plus, I just told him that I’m into drugs. Daily. So now, I fit the definition of a professional druggie, too.

Secretly, I just wanted to blurt out “How do you like me now? Will you be throwing me “a welcome to the neighbourhood party?” I bit my tongue.

In an effort to lessen the awkwardness or make it worse, (it was anyone’s guess at that point), I responded to the nagging voice in my head that was incessantly urging me to help this women and in doing so, help John too.

(Ever since I was diagnosed with MS, my intuitive abilities have heightened and so has my sense of direction. For the longest time, I attributed these small perks to be the left-over side-effects, caused from being in an MRI machine too long, and from a disease that was re-writing my body’s circuitry. I’ve learned to pay close attention to this intuitive sense and I feel like its being strengthened over time, almost as if I’ve been receiving regular upgrades on a pre-determined schedule of sorts.)

So, I break the silence and simply asked, “Do you want me to speak with your wife?””Her name is Jane, isn’t it?”

I wait for the standard politically-correct, crafted response. You know the kind that start with “thanks” and are quickly followed by a string of “but, couldn’t and wouldn’t”.

It doesn’t come.

Instead, John invites me up to their house. I respond by saying “great just let me run into my house and I’ll grab my kit and be right over.”

(My plant medicine supply kit that I use when I’m teaching.)

Five minutes pass. I quickly load my traveling kit with about 20 different small glass jars, each containing a different strain of cannabis and an old vapourizer that I really don’t use anymore. I met John in their driveway and he swiftly ushers me into their house.

Jane shoots her husband a look of misguided anger as she tries to figure out why her husband has brought a stranger into their home without giving her any warning.

She attempts to stand and I can see that she is struggling to straighten up with the pain. I tell her to sit, not to get up and I quickly take the seat next to her.

I listen to Jane as she tells me her story. She explains the last 3 years of her life, leading up to her surgery 4 months ago. I listen to her roller-coaster account of the opioid drugs that were tried before and after the surgery. I listened to her journey coming off those drugs when she realized that she didn’t want to live that way, being totally unable to function cognitively.

I heard about the battle between her regular medical doctor and her psychiatrist who had prescribed a cocktail of 5 prescription drugs for sleeping, plus a prescription for an anti-anxiety medication and a 7th medication for depression. Nothing was working. She had taken her 5 sleeping pills about 10 pm the night before, only to be up with pain at 1 am. She couldn’t settle and had been up and awake trying to cope with the pain every since. It was now about 11 am. I had carefully been observing her for about a half an hour. I saw and recognized the signs of the facet joint arthritis and the posture she was taking to try an ease her pain due to the nerves that had been pinched too long before surgery and were now screaming as they were trying to heal from the long term irritation. I comforted her as she explained that they had planned a trip to Newfoundland to visit their family. Tears had welled up in her eyes, as she shared her fear that she wasn’t going to be able to stand the traveling and the flying that would be required. She was frustrated and angry at herself, because she thought she was going to have to disappoint her son and husband, yet again, and cancel their plans. “What’s the point of living if you can’t do anything because of the pain?” she asked.

I listened. I then said, “I may know something that might help you” and proceeded to tell her about my history with MS and medical cannabis. I opened my kit and showed her the vapourizer and the carefully packed small jars of cannabis.

(Some ground bud and a portable vapourizer.)

She looked at me like I suddenly had three heads, and then she blurted out, “It’s so great that it worked for you, but I couldn’t possibly do that. I’m a Grandma!”

I was trying not to laugh, by this point, so I said, “Well, I know what it’s like to be wide awake, pacing the floors at 2 a.m. because you can’t sleep. If you change your mind I will help you and I can give you some to try. Come over any time. My offer will always be open to you.

I excused myself and went home. I started second guessing myself. My intuitive abilities are strong but now, I was left wondering if I had done the right thing. Or, did I just ruin my budding relationship with these people?

Two hours went by. Then, there was a knock at the door. It was Jane. She’d hobbled over from next door to tell me that she had changed her mind. She wanted to try cannabis.

As it was only about 3 pm, I loaded my spare vapourizer with Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a 50/50 hybrid with a high THC percentage and it’s great for pain and daytime use. I taught Jane to vapourize in my living room. “Just take 2 or 3 small sips. Pretend you are sipping hot tea and work on bringing the vapour into the back of your throat”, I instructed.

(It turns out that “Grandma Jane” had smoked cigarettes in the past and she quickly figured out how to draw deeply off of the vapourizer.)

We exchanged small talk for about 15 minutes. I gave her 1 capsule of infused mct coconut oil, with instructions on how to take it, before bed that night.

(Cannabis infused MCT Coconut oil put into capsules. I make these to allow easy dosing.)

Jane was making careful notes. Then, she looked up at me with a look of surprise in her eyes and said “My pain has changed. It’s still there, but it’s not as severe. It’s fading! Oh!, I think I’m starting to feel this… I better go home.”

I put some ground bud in a small container and lent Jane the vapourizer. I told her to vape again as soon as she felt her pain increasing in intensity. I watched her make her way into her house with the Girl Scout Cookies in tow.

(So, in case you missed the magnitude of what I had done, I’m going to spell it out for you. I had just successfully enabled my 62 year old neighbour to drug herself with a schedule 1 drug, committing a crime of civil disobedience. Not because I am a criminal at heart but because I am a compassionate person and it was the right thing to do.)

I carried on with the rest of my day. The next morning, as soon as I turned a few lights on and opened the drapes, there was a knock on my door. It was Jane and she was smiling. She said, “Good Morning, my Love! I slept until 4 am! This stuff of yours is working!”

It was about 7:30 am and I wasn’t really awake yet, but I could tell that she was excited and wanted to tell me all the details of her experience over the last 18 hours. I invited her in and I listened. After about 45 minutes, it was clear to me that the cannabis strains that I had chosen for her, worked beautifully.

I decided to give her some more capsules and some more ground bud. We were going to have to test this for a few days to make sure we could keep duplicating her results.

For the next 3 days, I checked in with Jane first thing in the morning and when I returned home from work each night. We determined that Jane needed 2 capsules to stay asleep the whole night and not wake up at 4 am. She also preferred not to feel too high during the day.

In fact one day, I had run out of the formula that I had originally started her on and I had to switch it. Jane took her regular dose amount and she experienced fairly severe couch-lock. (I had warned her that this might happened and I told her what to do if it did.)

It scared her so much, she called me at work.

(By this time, I had learned that when Jane was totally comfortable with my plan and instructions she would endearingly call me “my Love.” When she wasn’t comfortable, she would call me by my full name.)

I answered the phone and immediately heard Jane’s elevated voice on the other end.

“Rebecca, I thought I was dying.” I ate a whole grapefruit, just like you said I should if this happened, but I thought I was going to die. My arms and legs were tingling and I couldn’t move them. I slept for 6 hours in the middle of the day.”

“Well Jane”, I said, “you went beyond your sweet spot and now you know what it feels like when you take too much tincture. It is how we learn to dose or titrate properly.”

After the first week, Jane made the decision that she wanted to get her own medical marijuana license.

It was the only thing that had worked to help her manage her chronic back pain and let her sleep.

She made a doctor’s appointment with her family doctor to ask for a letter of diagnosis. I brought the entire application package home, from the resource centre, for her.

(The Marijuana for Trauma, Medical Marijuana License Application Package.) 

We sat together for 45 minutes while she filled out the forms. I answered her questions when she got stumped on the best way to respond to some of them. We got through it and I submitted her paperwork.

In the meantime, she was improving and doing a little bit more each day.

One day, I came home to Jane very excited to tell me that she’d had a great day and actually walked down to her dock three separate times. I cheered her on and told her what a great job she was doing.

John was happy too. He privately thanked me for giving him his wife back.

It took about 2 weeks for Jane to get her license and order her first 60 grams of cannabis. I taught her how to make her own medicine and we made a high % THC tincture and a high % CBD tincture.

(Finished, Cannabis infused MCT Coconut Oil tincture.)

I ordered her, her own vapourizer. She continued to progress and get excited about her trip. She was now able to walk about a ¼ mile down our road to her girlfriend’s house.

On the last day, before their trip, Jane came to say good-bye. She was laughing and smiling.

She was a person transformed. I asked her if I could take a picture with her and if she would mind if I wrote about her story. She happily agreed.

(Jane and Rebecca, Sept. 11, 2016.)

After we snapped this picture at the end of my driveway, she started to walk in the direction of her girlfriend’s house. Her little dog was prancing proudly in front of her, happy to be going for a walk with his best friend. This was something they had just recently been able to start doing again and they both had a slight spring of accomplishment in their step.

Jane turned back to me and she said, “I forgot to tell you, My Love, I danced all night last night at a corn roast! I haven’t danced in 5 years! Thanks again, My Love.”

I watched Jane walk down the road. I turned towards my front door and with tears welling up in my own eyes, this time, I whispered “Well played Shaman, well played.”

(My front door. It was original to the house and I spray painted it mandarin orange. Yes, you read correctly, I used spray paint.)

This is when the quantum entanglement was confirmed, for me.

Jane could have said that she rode in her boat, played a round of golf or went horseback riding.

Instead she said she started dancing.

Her system was re-setting.  I had done everything the Shaman had taught me to do.

He had defied space and time to work with and through me to help Jane… with very powerful plant medicine, I might add.

His words were resonating loud and clear in my mind from the day I accepted his gift of spittle, in the hole in the Amazon jungle floor, three years prior.

“You must restore or re-set the person’s body back to the condition it was in before it stopped dancing.”

As a side note, it is highly probable that there will be a “Part Four”.

I suspect that someone reading this on Steemit, needs to hear this story and will become part of the entanglement as it continues weave.

(The energy is powerful and is something that amazes me everyday. I took this picture at sunrise, this morning.)

Enjoy every second that this world and dimension has to give.

A Shaman, a Cannabis Coach, and a 62 Year Old Newfoundlander (Part Two: Becoming a Cannabis Coach)

(This is a picture of me on a trip to Ecuador, July 2013. If you’re interested in reading part #1, you’ll learn about the Shaman and my connection to him.)

In 2004, just as I was about to turn 33 years old, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  This is an autoimmune disease that doesn’t have a recognized known cause or cure. What is known is that something goes “wrong” with immune system functioning and it starts to attack and eat-away the coverings on nerves.

This often equates to loss of physical function. Sometimes the loss of function will be restored and sometimes the loss will remain permanent.

This is definitely a disease where there are more questions than answers.

There are prescription drugs that are recommended and prescribed but not many long term studies related to how effective the drugs actually are.

In fact, the 2 long-term studies that have been carried out in North America suggest that the drugs don’t provide any long-term benefits. When people with MS were tracked over a 25 year time period, those in the group who decided to take the drugs had no difference in number or severity of attacks when compared to people who chose not to take the drugs. There was also no difference in loss of function. With or without the drugs, people ended up being in the same condition after 25 years with the disease.

This is not how these prescribed drugs are spun. People are led to believe that by taking the prescription drugs, they will have fewer attacks. The attacks are promised not to be as severe and any loss of function will be greatly reduced. The drugs lower the ability of the immune system to work.

Over time, the common side-effect shared by all of these immuno-suppressant drugs is the development of other auto-immune diseases.

So, over the next 3 years I changed my eating lifestyle to a lower carb –style but, I was still eating grains and starches, like potato and rice.

I didn’t take any drugs. It didn’t make sense to me to lower my immune response plus, have to handle the impact of the immediate side-effects of the drugs and then risk getting another autoimmune disease.

I had 2 additional attacks.

First, I lost my eye-sight in my right eye and was pronounced as being legally blind in that eye by my Ophthalmologist.

Over a few months, my eye-sight fully returned.

The next year, the same thing happened in my left eye.

Then in 2007, I found out about a man, named Rick Simpson, who was successfully using cannabis to heal people who had been sent home from the hospital to die with stage four cancers.

He was making full extract cannabis oil and giving it, for free, to anyone who asked him for it.

People were eating it and getting better. Rick made a video documentary and posted it on YouTube. It’s called “Run from the Cure.” I watched it and it contained all the directions to make the extract so, that’s exactly what I did.

Then, I started reading everything I could about cannabis. It was really a challenge to find people who could and would give you accurate, scientific information. I read every day and I built-up my cannabis knowledge.

I didn’t have a medical cannabis license but I took my chances. I ate the oil illegally for 7 years.

I haven’t had an MS attack since I started eating cannabis every day.

About 5 years ago, I stopped eating all grains, white potatoes and rice and adopted a Paleolithic eating lifestyle.

A year ago, our Canadian government changed and so did the laws around medical cannabis.

Previously, it was taking approximately a year to get a Health Canada sanctioned, medical cannabis license,… if you could find a doctor who was willing to help.

Overnight, the process was fast-tracked and it was only taking about 10 days.

With this change, a not-for profit, medical cannabis resource centre chain also started to develop.

Locations opened up right across Canada and were called Marijuana for Trauma. The resource centres were created to help people get their medical cannabis licenses. In addition, all the volunteers who spend time there educate and teach people how to successfully integrate medical cannabis into their lifestyles. One of these resource centres opened up in the same area as my massage therapy clinic.

I quickly decided to apply for my medical cannabis license and once in hand, I came out of the cannabis closet.

Now, I often volunteer my time in the resource centre and I teach people about cannabis medicine in my own clinic. I have helped over 100 people successfully use medical cannabis, the youngest is 15 and the oldest is 82. It’s powerful plant medicine and restores balance and health in the human body.

A Shaman, a Cannabis Coach, and a 62 Year Old Newfoundlander (Part One: Meeting the Shaman)

Under normal circumstances this opening statement could be the beginning of a well-told joke in Canada, but it’s not. These 3 humans are now linked forever in the web the universe continues to weave.

(The Shaman, July 2013)

(Rebecca and Jane, September 2016)

In July of 2013, I had an opportunity to travel to Ecuador with a good friend who was originally born there, still has family there and speaks fluent Spanish. It was one of those golden moments in time where all the travel details easily fell into place and I purely just went with the flow of life and took advantage of all the experiences I could soak up, during the trip.

It was one of those “Once in a lifetime” chances and I ran with it.

Before leaving, I went to see my own medical doctor to make sure I didn’t need to take any special precautions traveling to South America. My doctor is originally from India and is well-traveled himself, so he is a good authority when it comes to staying healthy in other countries.

When he wants to make a point, he will repeat himself with a slight raise in the tone of his voice. ( I think he employs this tactic to ensure that he has captured my undivided attention.)

So, after presenting the details of where I planned to travel, he kept repeating “Rebecca, stay out of the jungle. You will get sick if you go into the jungle.” “Stay out of the jungle.” “Stay out of the Amazon. You will get sick.”

“Duly noted Doc”, I said.

This is the road we took to meet the Shaman.

His part of the jungle was very close to the Ecuadorian- Colombian border.

I was very keen to meet this Shaman because he oversees the spiritual and health needs of 7 Amazonian tribes and I had some big questions I was hoping he could answer. I was interested to learn how he used ayahuasca to link into the collective consciousness and retrieve information. There wasn’t enough time during this trip to participate in a sacred ayahuasca ritual but there was enough time to partake in a water spirit ritual and that’s exactly what I did.

So, then, I found myself in an excavated hole dug into the Amazonian jungle floor, alone with the Shaman who had spelled out the rules of the ritual to cleanse me spiritually. I was supposed to keep my eyes closed the entire time. He began to chant and rub herb infused oil on my forehead while waving sprigs of tree branches around my aura.

Then, the spitting started.

He began to spit a lot of aromatic water over top of me. This is water, that he had previously prepared, taken into his mouth, swished around and spat on me in intervals between chants.

It was a lot of water, at least a cup full.

Of course, I peeked.

I cracked one eye open just to verify that what I thought was happening was, indeed, actually happening and for an instant I thought about my doctor’s advice. Yeah, maybe this wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made.

Technically, I wasn’t in the jungle. I was under it, but I was letting a man spit a lot of herbal infused water from his mouth onto me.

The ritual was more important to me than the bacteria that had just been shared. It linked me to this Shaman and as a healer myself, I understood the significance. It was confirmation of what I suspected to be true about how the universe works.

When the ritual was complete the Shaman and I walked back together, to regroup with the other people I was traveling with. I was then permitted to ask the questions, I had traveled so far to  ask in person.

The Shaman worked through his apprentice and my friend, who both translated the information from him to me and vice versa.

(This is my friend listening intently so that he could translate the language.)

The Shaman and his apprentice started laughing. Apparently, they had both begun having lucid dreams about 3 days prior to my arrival.

They said, they knew a very determined, powerful female healer with big questions was coming to visit them.

They were laughing because my energy signature was enormous and they thought it was a big joke that in this dimension, I was actually tiny.” I’m big in a small package”, I said. We all laughed.

So, here’s what I validated directly from the Shaman:

Every single one of us is connected energetically and this bond strengthens when we communicate.

They use ayahuasca to make it easier to travel inter-dimensionally using their pineal glands, but other plants and fungi can do the same thing and are often just gentler on the human body. He mentioned certain mushrooms and flowering plants, such as cannabis.

(This is a picture of a ring of mushrooms currently growing in my backyard. I have no idea if these are safe to eat or not. Never eat anything wild that you cannot identify as being non-poisonous.)

(This is a picture of a cannabis bud.)

The pineal is a gateway and they use this to make connections with their ancestors who have given up their physical bodies, but can still provide guidance and valuable information from another dimension.  Once a connection has been made between individuals, a link is established and you can always pull from that information source.

You can upload or download information whenever you need to.

Once you use a psychoactive plant or fungus to engage your pineal gland, you can always do it and the plants or mushrooms aren’t necessary. My interpretation of this is that it’s similar to using training wheels, when learning to ride a bicycle. Once you know how to ride and establish your balance, the training wheels are no longer needed and you can remember how to ride without falling off.

Ayahuasca, mushrooms and cannabis are permission slips which allow easy access but it can and is regularly done without the aid of any plants.

The rituals around using ayahausca are performed to set intention.

This is important because if you don’t dial in a higher spiritual frequency, chances are you will connect to lower grade frequencies that may or may not have your best interests at heart and you could have a decidedly negative experience.

The rituals also ground a person so that after they are done accessing the universal consciousness, they will return to their physical body. This is why the Shaman took me to the hole in the jungle floor. It was done to keep me safe and it is a reminder to come back to earth for everyone who knows how to and regularly astral travels outside their bodies.

The connection was established and I am now linked to this Shaman energetically.

If I want to, I can ask him to help me whenever I may need his assistance or vice versa. We are on the same team, serving and helping others to heal and remember or learn how to live in and use their bodies successfully.

I would add that even the connections that I make with anyone who may read my posts are, in essence, establishing an energetic link with me and anyone else that they connect with.

The Shaman said that in understanding how to best help another person, you need to determine when things changed for them.

It is critical he said to ask “when the person stopped laughing, dancing and smiling because that’s the point the person truly stopped living while they were still alive.” The goal is to restore or reset the human body back to the condition it was in, before it stopped dancing.

It was very interesting that the Shaman chose a water ritual for me. I did not share with him that I prefer the element of water and use it as a way to visualize healing energy for myself and others.

About 18 months ago, I moved to a waterfront property. This has let me recharge myself and connect with nature and wildlife everyday. I value the synchronicities that the universe provides.

Let’s talk about sex baby, Let’s talk about you and me.

(If this phrase is somewhat familiar to you, then I have just dated both of us to the year 1991. This is when Salt “n” Pepa released this tune. Feel free to sing along, if your remember the words.)

Belly on up to the bud-tending bar, boys and girls, let’s talk about cannabis coitus.

First of all, you know there are strains for that, right?

(Some are definitely better than others in terms of sex-life enhancement, especially when you want to get it on with someone you really care about.)

From my experience, these two strains work very well.

For Him: Pink Kush

For Her: Eran Almog.

Please note that what might work well for him and what might work well for her, can in fact, be two entirely different strains.

Pink Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid. It’s known for its powerful body stone effects. It’s great for creating an increased feeling of euphoria and happiness. In the correct dose, you can control its sedative qualities so that the person ingesting it will not be in” couch lock”.

Eran Almog is a strong Indica, haling originally from Israel. It can have a high THC content ranging right up to 28%! It’s powerful and is prized for combating inflammation, pain and digestive disorders.

Cannabis has been successfully used for centuries in different cultures to enhance sexual experiences for both men and women.

For women:

1. It helps with mental deactivation. Cannabis consumption actually lowers the activity level of the part of the brain that is associated with recognizing stress and anxiety. This is huge for us, Gentlemen, because a large part of a woman’s ability to become aroused and ultimately achieve a successful orgasm depends greatly on her ability to quiet her mind and stop focusing on things that stress her out. A reduction in perceived stress reduces a woman’s inhibitions, allowing her to let her guard down and focus on being present with her partner. This is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs for women… brain chemistry that smoothly operates without the distraction of multi-tasking and the stress associated with linking every activity to saving time and achieving efficiency.  Women rarely allow themselves to get off this hamster wheel and often require some help to do so. Cannabis provides this help.

2. Strains that create the side effect of “red eye” are great for dilating and engorging blood vessels. This vasodilatation, increases movement of fluid from the blood vessels to the surrounding tissue. You can see this happen very succinctly in the eye. It will become exceptionally blood shot and glassy or watery looking. You can bet that if you’re gazing into your female partner’s eyes and they’re red, swollen and watery looking, her vagina is too. Many people report that cannabis dries out mucous membranes leading to a dry mouth. This well known side-effect is called cotton-mouth and is caused from cannabinoids binding to receptors on saliva gland cells. These are unique to the mouth. A female will not get “cotton vagina” and in fact, if the correct strain is used her natural lubricant fluid will flow freely and abundantly, once she is aroused.

3. Cannabis enhances our ability to perceive from our senses. Things taste better, smell better, sound better, look better and of course feel better. If your Gal can feel sensations easier she will become more aroused and be able to climax quicker and more frequently. (Yes, she can and will have multiple orgasms if she uses the correct strain for her.)

4. Cannabis makes the female pelvic striated circumvaginal musculature contract stronger. This translates to stronger more powerful orgasms. What you are aiming for is extreme vasocongestion of the outer 1/3 of the vaginal tissues. This congestion will create myotonia tension, an involuntary or voluntary contraction of different muscle groups in the body. Ultimately, a female orgasm is achieved when the myotonia tension is released. Not all orgasms are the same intensity. The muscles involved in a female orgasm can contract and release anywhere from three to 12 times. (Obviously a 12 alarm fire is going to be more intense and demanding than a 3 alarm fire.)

5. Cannabis triggers the brain to release oxytocin. This is known as the “bonding hormone”. Oxytocin is released when arousal is achieved and again, every time an orgasm is achieved. It increases the feelings of being connected to your partner and this strong sense of being connected or bonded helps keep partners together in a long lasting relationship.

For Men:

1. The use of cannabis for men specifically for the purpose of having good sex with their partners is directly related to strain selection, dose, method of ingestion and timing. Generally, you want to choose a strain that does not produce “amotivational syndrome”. There are some strains that are known for not support physically activity. Yes, this is a real thing and you want to find a strain that is known for its energizing effects without being too stimulating or too sedative. You need a balanced blend of those two effects. You want to have enough motivation to physically move your body, but you also want to be relaxed enough cognitively so that your inhibitions are reduced. Also, if you smoke or vape a strain and can feel a broad tingling sensation in the area of your crotch, you can bet this is a better strain for having successful sex and ultimately achieving ejaculation.

2. The easiest way to control the effects is to choose a strain and smoke or vape it. This will allow you to better control how sedated you become and how receptive you are to being able to feel heightened sensations. As a man in his early fifties, my partner reports that it works the best if he vapes, enjoys the high and then engages in foreplay about 45 minutes afterwards or just at the point that his high is starting to recede.  At this point, serotonin has been released which increases the feelings of euphoria, and an increase of blood flow in the pelvic region has caused a partial erection or what is commonly known as having a “chub-on”. When dosed properly, an erection is still easily achieved 8 hours later, after sleeping.

3. If you choose the correct strain for you, you will also experience an increased level of hyper-priming in your brain. This lets you be more creative in your thinking processes. It lets you think outside the box. (Pun fully intended.) This means that you can easily come up with new moves and new positions that you may be more receptive to try and just like a finger-print, are unique to you. This sets you apart from all the other lovers your partner may have had and is your advantage. It will make your game note-worthy and memorable…remember we are aiming for a 12 alarm fire.

4. Using the correct strain of cannabis allows a man to achieve a full hard erection without having to focus attention on keeping that erection. This permits a more enjoyable sexual experience, allowing the man to be present in the moment with his partner. (Please note that the ease of achieving an erection is entirely dependent on the age and health of the man.)

5. If the correct strain of cannabis is ingested it has the ability to distort time. It will feel like the act of having sex lasts longer. It doesn’t matter if the physical act really lasts longer or your perception of  it does,  just enjoy your “high” sexual experience for what it can be…a distortion of space and time.

Now that we’re all spent, let’s recap:

Setting the stage for the best sex of your life is dependent on experimenting to find the best strain of cannabis, dose and ingestion method for each partner. Just remember if it wasn’t for sex none of us would be here to even discuss the topic and all the fun is in trying.

(Yes, I did a lot or research and personal testing for this blog post. It was hard and it took a long time. You’re welcome.) Wink wink.

Making Infused MTC Coconut Oil (Part 2 The Oil Infusion using a Magical Butter Machine.)

A close-up photo of a single bud of decarbed Teslin.

Materials Needed:

  • 30 grams or 1 ounce of decarbed cannabis. (I chose a strain called Teslin.)
  • A 500 ml bottle or 2 cups of MCT coconut oil.
  • 2 tablespoons of sunflower lecithin.
  • A Magical Butter Machine.
  • A large bowl.
  • A fine mesh strainer.
  • A funnel.

(This is a photo of the 30 grams or 1 ounce of Teslin, I decarbed and a Magical Butter Machine.)

To Make a MCT coconut oil infusion:

1. Place 30 grams or 1 ounce of decarbed bud into a magical butter machine.

2. Add 2 tbsp of sunflower lecithin.

3. Add 500 ml of MTC coconut oil.

4. Set the lid and plug the machine in.

5. Select the temperature button for 160 degrees F and  then select the 8 hour button.

6. Run the Magical Butter Machine for 8 hours. (I let it sit another 4 hours so that all the cannabis pulp will settle to the bottom, making it easier to strain.)

7. Filtre the MCT infused coconut oil through a fine mesh strainer.

8. Using a funnel, pour your strained MCT infused coconut oil into an amber glass storage bottle. (I always re-use the amber glass bottle that the MCT coconut oil originally came in.)

The cannabis infused MCT coconut oil can be stored in a room-temperature cupboard. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It will last indefinitely as long as it’s not exposed to light. It can be consumed straight from the bottle, put into capsules or used to make an edible. It is extremely versatile.

Please do not throw out the cannabis pulp or sand that you filtered off. It’s still psychoactive and is wonderful to add to cookie or cake batter. 😉

Making Infused MTC Coconut Oil (Part 1: The Decarb)

A close-up photo of a single raw bud of Teslin

Materials Needed:

  • Airtight Stainless Steel Container
  • 30 grams or 1 ounce of Cannabis
  • 2 litres or 67 ounces of Water
  • A Pressure Cooker with its Riser and Rocker Weight
  • An oven mitt or tea-towel

How to Decarboxylate 30 grams or 1 ounce of cannabis:

  1. Fill a stainless steel, airtight container with 30 grams or 1 ounce of bud that hasn’t been busted or ground.

2. Lock the airtight lid onto the container body.

3. Place the pressure cooker riser in the middle of the bottom of the cooker.

4. Place the sealed airtight container on top of the riser, in the cooker and add the water.

5. Seal the lid of the pressure cooker and turn the burner of your stove on to medium high.

6. Place the rocker weight on the lid weight holder and adjust your burner intensity to keep the rocker weight consistently rocking back and forth.

7. Let the cannabis cook or decarb, on the stove for 1 hour.

8. After an hour, turn the stove burner off and remove the pressure cooker to a safe area to cool. (When the pressure cooker is cool enough, the pressure will be released and the lid will safely open.)

9. Remove the airtight container from inside the pressure cooker. (An oven mitt or tea-towel might be necessary to remove the container because it will still be hot.)

10. Release the lid of the airtight container but do not remove the lid. Instead move the container with its lid loosened to a heat-safe surface and let it completely cooled for another 30 minutes. (This will let all the terpenes and flavinoids settle back down on the buds.)

11. Remove the lid of the airtight container to reveal perfectly decarbed cannabis.

Here’s a close-up photo of a single bud, “after” decarb. It’s now ready to make an infusion.

Notice how evenly toasted it is.

It’s now fully psychoactive and the cannabinoid, THCA has been converted to 9-THC.