Let’s talk about sex baby, Let’s talk about you and me.

(If this phrase is somewhat familiar to you, then I have just dated both of us to the year 1991. This is when Salt “n” Pepa released this tune. Feel free to sing along, if your remember the words.)

Belly on up to the bud-tending bar, boys and girls, let’s talk about cannabis coitus.

First of all, you know there are strains for that, right?

(Some are definitely better than others in terms of sex-life enhancement, especially when you want to get it on with someone you really care about.)

From my experience, these two strains work very well.

For Him: Pink Kush

For Her: Eran Almog.

Please note that what might work well for him and what might work well for her, can in fact, be two entirely different strains.

Pink Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid. It’s known for its powerful body stone effects. It’s great for creating an increased feeling of euphoria and happiness. In the correct dose, you can control its sedative qualities so that the person ingesting it will not be in” couch lock”.

Eran Almog is a strong Indica, haling originally from Israel. It can have a high THC content ranging right up to 28%! It’s powerful and is prized for combating inflammation, pain and digestive disorders.

Cannabis has been successfully used for centuries in different cultures to enhance sexual experiences for both men and women.

For women:

1. It helps with mental deactivation. Cannabis consumption actually lowers the activity level of the part of the brain that is associated with recognizing stress and anxiety. This is huge for us, Gentlemen, because a large part of a woman’s ability to become aroused and ultimately achieve a successful orgasm depends greatly on her ability to quiet her mind and stop focusing on things that stress her out. A reduction in perceived stress reduces a woman’s inhibitions, allowing her to let her guard down and focus on being present with her partner. This is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs for women… brain chemistry that smoothly operates without the distraction of multi-tasking and the stress associated with linking every activity to saving time and achieving efficiency.  Women rarely allow themselves to get off this hamster wheel and often require some help to do so. Cannabis provides this help.

2. Strains that create the side effect of “red eye” are great for dilating and engorging blood vessels. This vasodilatation, increases movement of fluid from the blood vessels to the surrounding tissue. You can see this happen very succinctly in the eye. It will become exceptionally blood shot and glassy or watery looking. You can bet that if you’re gazing into your female partner’s eyes and they’re red, swollen and watery looking, her vagina is too. Many people report that cannabis dries out mucous membranes leading to a dry mouth. This well known side-effect is called cotton-mouth and is caused from cannabinoids binding to receptors on saliva gland cells. These are unique to the mouth. A female will not get “cotton vagina” and in fact, if the correct strain is used her natural lubricant fluid will flow freely and abundantly, once she is aroused.

3. Cannabis enhances our ability to perceive from our senses. Things taste better, smell better, sound better, look better and of course feel better. If your Gal can feel sensations easier she will become more aroused and be able to climax quicker and more frequently. (Yes, she can and will have multiple orgasms if she uses the correct strain for her.)

4. Cannabis makes the female pelvic striated circumvaginal musculature contract stronger. This translates to stronger more powerful orgasms. What you are aiming for is extreme vasocongestion of the outer 1/3 of the vaginal tissues. This congestion will create myotonia tension, an involuntary or voluntary contraction of different muscle groups in the body. Ultimately, a female orgasm is achieved when the myotonia tension is released. Not all orgasms are the same intensity. The muscles involved in a female orgasm can contract and release anywhere from three to 12 times. (Obviously a 12 alarm fire is going to be more intense and demanding than a 3 alarm fire.)

5. Cannabis triggers the brain to release oxytocin. This is known as the “bonding hormone”. Oxytocin is released when arousal is achieved and again, every time an orgasm is achieved. It increases the feelings of being connected to your partner and this strong sense of being connected or bonded helps keep partners together in a long lasting relationship.

For Men:

1. The use of cannabis for men specifically for the purpose of having good sex with their partners is directly related to strain selection, dose, method of ingestion and timing. Generally, you want to choose a strain that does not produce “amotivational syndrome”. There are some strains that are known for not support physically activity. Yes, this is a real thing and you want to find a strain that is known for its energizing effects without being too stimulating or too sedative. You need a balanced blend of those two effects. You want to have enough motivation to physically move your body, but you also want to be relaxed enough cognitively so that your inhibitions are reduced. Also, if you smoke or vape a strain and can feel a broad tingling sensation in the area of your crotch, you can bet this is a better strain for having successful sex and ultimately achieving ejaculation.

2. The easiest way to control the effects is to choose a strain and smoke or vape it. This will allow you to better control how sedated you become and how receptive you are to being able to feel heightened sensations. As a man in his early fifties, my partner reports that it works the best if he vapes, enjoys the high and then engages in foreplay about 45 minutes afterwards or just at the point that his high is starting to recede.  At this point, serotonin has been released which increases the feelings of euphoria, and an increase of blood flow in the pelvic region has caused a partial erection or what is commonly known as having a “chub-on”. When dosed properly, an erection is still easily achieved 8 hours later, after sleeping.

3. If you choose the correct strain for you, you will also experience an increased level of hyper-priming in your brain. This lets you be more creative in your thinking processes. It lets you think outside the box. (Pun fully intended.) This means that you can easily come up with new moves and new positions that you may be more receptive to try and just like a finger-print, are unique to you. This sets you apart from all the other lovers your partner may have had and is your advantage. It will make your game note-worthy and memorable…remember we are aiming for a 12 alarm fire.

4. Using the correct strain of cannabis allows a man to achieve a full hard erection without having to focus attention on keeping that erection. This permits a more enjoyable sexual experience, allowing the man to be present in the moment with his partner. (Please note that the ease of achieving an erection is entirely dependent on the age and health of the man.)

5. If the correct strain of cannabis is ingested it has the ability to distort time. It will feel like the act of having sex lasts longer. It doesn’t matter if the physical act really lasts longer or your perception of  it does,  just enjoy your “high” sexual experience for what it can be…a distortion of space and time.

Now that we’re all spent, let’s recap:

Setting the stage for the best sex of your life is dependent on experimenting to find the best strain of cannabis, dose and ingestion method for each partner. Just remember if it wasn’t for sex none of us would be here to even discuss the topic and all the fun is in trying.

(Yes, I did a lot or research and personal testing for this blog post. It was hard and it took a long time. You’re welcome.) Wink wink.

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