A Shaman, a Cannabis Coach, and a 62 Year Old Newfoundlander (Part One: Meeting the Shaman)

Under normal circumstances this opening statement could be the beginning of a well-told joke in Canada, but it’s not. These 3 humans are now linked forever in the web the universe continues to weave.

(The Shaman, July 2013)

(Rebecca and Jane, September 2016)

In July of 2013, I had an opportunity to travel to Ecuador with a good friend who was originally born there, still has family there and speaks fluent Spanish. It was one of those golden moments in time where all the travel details easily fell into place and I purely just went with the flow of life and took advantage of all the experiences I could soak up, during the trip.

It was one of those “Once in a lifetime” chances and I ran with it.

Before leaving, I went to see my own medical doctor to make sure I didn’t need to take any special precautions traveling to South America. My doctor is originally from India and is well-traveled himself, so he is a good authority when it comes to staying healthy in other countries.

When he wants to make a point, he will repeat himself with a slight raise in the tone of his voice. ( I think he employs this tactic to ensure that he has captured my undivided attention.)

So, after presenting the details of where I planned to travel, he kept repeating “Rebecca, stay out of the jungle. You will get sick if you go into the jungle.” “Stay out of the jungle.” “Stay out of the Amazon. You will get sick.”

“Duly noted Doc”, I said.

This is the road we took to meet the Shaman.

His part of the jungle was very close to the Ecuadorian- Colombian border.

I was very keen to meet this Shaman because he oversees the spiritual and health needs of 7 Amazonian tribes and I had some big questions I was hoping he could answer. I was interested to learn how he used ayahuasca to link into the collective consciousness and retrieve information. There wasn’t enough time during this trip to participate in a sacred ayahuasca ritual but there was enough time to partake in a water spirit ritual and that’s exactly what I did.

So, then, I found myself in an excavated hole dug into the Amazonian jungle floor, alone with the Shaman who had spelled out the rules of the ritual to cleanse me spiritually. I was supposed to keep my eyes closed the entire time. He began to chant and rub herb infused oil on my forehead while waving sprigs of tree branches around my aura.

Then, the spitting started.

He began to spit a lot of aromatic water over top of me. This is water, that he had previously prepared, taken into his mouth, swished around and spat on me in intervals between chants.

It was a lot of water, at least a cup full.

Of course, I peeked.

I cracked one eye open just to verify that what I thought was happening was, indeed, actually happening and for an instant I thought about my doctor’s advice. Yeah, maybe this wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made.

Technically, I wasn’t in the jungle. I was under it, but I was letting a man spit a lot of herbal infused water from his mouth onto me.

The ritual was more important to me than the bacteria that had just been shared. It linked me to this Shaman and as a healer myself, I understood the significance. It was confirmation of what I suspected to be true about how the universe works.

When the ritual was complete the Shaman and I walked back together, to regroup with the other people I was traveling with. I was then permitted to ask the questions, I had traveled so far to  ask in person.

The Shaman worked through his apprentice and my friend, who both translated the information from him to me and vice versa.

(This is my friend listening intently so that he could translate the language.)

The Shaman and his apprentice started laughing. Apparently, they had both begun having lucid dreams about 3 days prior to my arrival.

They said, they knew a very determined, powerful female healer with big questions was coming to visit them.

They were laughing because my energy signature was enormous and they thought it was a big joke that in this dimension, I was actually tiny.” I’m big in a small package”, I said. We all laughed.

So, here’s what I validated directly from the Shaman:

Every single one of us is connected energetically and this bond strengthens when we communicate.

They use ayahuasca to make it easier to travel inter-dimensionally using their pineal glands, but other plants and fungi can do the same thing and are often just gentler on the human body. He mentioned certain mushrooms and flowering plants, such as cannabis.

(This is a picture of a ring of mushrooms currently growing in my backyard. I have no idea if these are safe to eat or not. Never eat anything wild that you cannot identify as being non-poisonous.)

(This is a picture of a cannabis bud.)

The pineal is a gateway and they use this to make connections with their ancestors who have given up their physical bodies, but can still provide guidance and valuable information from another dimension.  Once a connection has been made between individuals, a link is established and you can always pull from that information source.

You can upload or download information whenever you need to.

Once you use a psychoactive plant or fungus to engage your pineal gland, you can always do it and the plants or mushrooms aren’t necessary. My interpretation of this is that it’s similar to using training wheels, when learning to ride a bicycle. Once you know how to ride and establish your balance, the training wheels are no longer needed and you can remember how to ride without falling off.

Ayahuasca, mushrooms and cannabis are permission slips which allow easy access but it can and is regularly done without the aid of any plants.

The rituals around using ayahausca are performed to set intention.

This is important because if you don’t dial in a higher spiritual frequency, chances are you will connect to lower grade frequencies that may or may not have your best interests at heart and you could have a decidedly negative experience.

The rituals also ground a person so that after they are done accessing the universal consciousness, they will return to their physical body. This is why the Shaman took me to the hole in the jungle floor. It was done to keep me safe and it is a reminder to come back to earth for everyone who knows how to and regularly astral travels outside their bodies.

The connection was established and I am now linked to this Shaman energetically.

If I want to, I can ask him to help me whenever I may need his assistance or vice versa. We are on the same team, serving and helping others to heal and remember or learn how to live in and use their bodies successfully.

I would add that even the connections that I make with anyone who may read my posts are, in essence, establishing an energetic link with me and anyone else that they connect with.

The Shaman said that in understanding how to best help another person, you need to determine when things changed for them.

It is critical he said to ask “when the person stopped laughing, dancing and smiling because that’s the point the person truly stopped living while they were still alive.” The goal is to restore or reset the human body back to the condition it was in, before it stopped dancing.

It was very interesting that the Shaman chose a water ritual for me. I did not share with him that I prefer the element of water and use it as a way to visualize healing energy for myself and others.

About 18 months ago, I moved to a waterfront property. This has let me recharge myself and connect with nature and wildlife everyday. I value the synchronicities that the universe provides.

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  1. Dear Rebecca

    Thanks for sharing.

    I was reading another great article of yours about jellyfish recently!

    Healing Herb

  2. Thanks Healing Herb!
    Glad you found us here.
    The Jelly Fish were super cool and we definitely have experienced missing time due to their calming presence.

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