As A Cannabis Coach, I’m Not Afraid To Tell You What I Think

As we are nearing the end of prohibition of cannabis in many countries around the world, I think that it’s high time we make more of a concerted effort to de-mystify the use of the plant.

I Think.

(These Are The Operative Words.)

I think that almost one hundred years of fear-mongering and vilification is enough.

This is why I have decided to bust out of the cannabis closet and broadcast that:

I’m a middle-aged woman who grows cannabis and uses it every single day.

That, and I don’t give a flying $&@# who knows or what their opinion is, about what I choose to do.


Remember That This Is Not A Radio-Active Isotope.

It’s A Herb.

It Grows Naturally In The Wild And Hasn’t Been Synthetically Concocted In A Lab.

As a direct result, I think that every human and animal on the planet should be able to freely use this plant whenever they need or want to.

I think that the right to use a naturally occurring herb should not be controlled by a corporation or a government.


I think that the herb should be free and that anyone who wants to grow it, simply should just learn how. (Without having to fill out forms in triplicate or grease the palms of anyone’s hands, along the way, I might add.)

I think that learning all about this plant (accurately) should be easy and not restricted.

I think that as an adult, I am capable of deciding what I put into my own body…because it’s my damn body and I know “it” best.

I think that we should be embracing the incredible physiological fact that the human body has evolved to use the compounds found within cannabis to correct internal deficiencies.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Just like our human bodies have a circulatory system, a respiratory system and a central nervous system, they also have an endocannabinoid system.

When a body is in optimal health, it is capable of producing its own cannabinoids. These compounds bind to their specific docking (or receptor) sites on each cell. Then, by an exchange of information with the cell, the cannabinoids correct the deficiencies as best they can. This brings the body back into a state of homeostasis or as close to balance as they can.

When conditions are not optimal inside the body (like when there’s stress or insomnia, for example ) then the body stops being able to produce its own cannabinoids and stops being able to restore balance itself.


Cannabis contains about 111 of these cannabinoids (or specific medicinal compounds) which are contained within the plant’s flowers. They can and do bind directly to the body’s own receptor sites, when the body can’t make enough of its own.

Cannabinoids (whether your body makes them or you ingest them directly from the plant) will correct deficiencies and restore the health within the body.

It is for this specific reason that I think that there aren’t actually any “true recreational users” of the herb.

Everyone who enjoys the benefits of cannabis (when asked) will tell you exactly why they choose to use it and how it improves the quality of their life.

Even, if it’s just that cannabis helps them to choose to feel happy or stops negative thought patterns from repetitively occurring, it is still correcting a deficiency.

The last time that I checked, choosing to correct a biological deficiency wasn’t a crime and it doesn’t produce a victim. Yet, people are still being persecuted and are paying dearly for this choice.

Lets Remember That What They Are Really Choosing To Do, Is Restore Their Own Level Of Health.

I happen to think that this is one of the biggest crimes still being perpetrated against humanity by governments of countries all over the world.

I welcome your comments and I invite you you to follow me on my journey…I may climb on an activism soapbox from time to time because (you guessed it) cannabis helps me to balance my own brain chemistry and I think for myself.


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