Being Highly Functional Is A Planned Achievement

I have a special affinity for cobalt blue marbles wrapped in fur and I also love music that comes with a valuable message that you can sing-a-long to.

I grew up watching Sesame Street on television. Things that seem random but are really connected are of interest to me…especially when they’re connected to the use of cannabis.

Truth be told, Jim Henson was really the person who opened the gate for me…”Look kid!” “Here’s a green puppet to teach you how to use sarcastic wit and care about pollution and recycling.” I took lessons from a puppet that just happens to look like a giant 30 pound nug, is kept safe in a can with its lid closed, and you have to go into a back alley to find.

Yeah, I guess (when I really think about it) you could say that my green training started early than most…lolz!

Now might I suggest that: you crank this oldie right up.

(It’s an opportunity to sing at the top of your lungs, throw caution to the wind, and have some fun in the process we call living.)

In case you missed it, I just gave you a permission-slip (if you need one) to play.

I’m not joking.

Shake your money-maker like you mean it (while you’re at it) because having fun keeps us sharp and engaged in life. Not to mention that motion is lotion and if you don’t move your body enough your joints will seize.

About my music selection:

Dr. Hook released their version of this song in 1975, but it was a cover of Shel Silverstein’s song which he released in 1972.

Ok, here we go:

(Posted to YouTube by Ronja’s Dr Hook Channel on May 25th, 2011.)

I got stoned and I missed it is a re-occurring statement that I hear on a fairly regular basis in my role, as a cannabis coach.

Most people consider memory loss and lack of motivation to be completely negative aspects of using cannabis plant medicine.


The sentiment is that the medicine isn’t working properly.

At this point, without support and a little bit of education, most people simply give up on the herb.

They go on, without realizing any benefits from the plant. Then they think that they’re facing the onset of early dementia.

They don’t understand that a temporary disturbance in short term memory and in level of personal motivation actually means that the cannabis is working quite efficiently. Those are symptoms that demonstrate that cannabis is actually doing the job that it is meant to do.

What? Cannabis is supposed to make you forget and not as wired for sound?

Yeah, it is and there are strains that are better than others at it, too.

Cannabis can temporarily disrupt your short term memory and help you forget thoughts almost as quickly as you have them.

Without getting fixed on any one particular thought for more than a moment or two, I might add.

You still have thoughts. It’s just that the intensity of how you choose to respond to those thoughts is not as heightened and you aren’t as negatively impacted by them.
With cannabis, you can remain calmer in situations that you would normally consider to be quite stressful. Cannabis allows you to simply move onto another thought, without getting stuck and losing control of yourself emotionally and/or physically in the process.

That’s why it works so well to treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and non-productive thought patterns that repetitively loop; like the act of worring and being suspicious can (for example).

Ladies, I’m talking directly to you now.

You know that little voice in your head… (the one that manages 18 projects at once and knows which closet your partner rifled their soccer cleats into the back of, 6 months ago?)…Yeah, that relentless little mofo, with the whiny version of your voice that never shuts up and has that special passive-aggressive, 4:00 a.m. nag, suggesting that maybe you could’ve done a better job scrubbing the tiles in the shower if you used a different cleaner.

Yeah, that one.

With the correct strain of cannabis, at the correct time, you can bench and gag that over-achieving, know it all controller and remain present in the moment. You’ll be able to feel your emotions (unlike what happens to many folks who find themselves on anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals) and your sex-drive will restore to a healthful level. Gone will be the nights that you need to down a full bottle of wine just to get to sleep and if you wake up in the wee hours of the morning, you’ll be able to go right back to sleep.

Spending time with your partner will not be that one more thing you struggle to knock off your ever-revolving to-do list. You’ll actually look forward to it and the opportunity to climb off of the hamster wheel of forced production at the same time.

Trust me on this, ladies.

With the correct strain like: Mother’s Helper you’ll still be able to kick-ass, knock stuff off your list, have fantastic sex, sleep and you’ll become nicer to co-habitat with.

It’s a true game-changer.

Here’s some strategy that works to solve the short term memory and de-motivational issues that come with cannabis use:

  • Use your calendar to capture important details, dates and times.
  • Train yourself to regularly check your calendar 3 times during your day. (Morning, noon and night.)
  • Set audible alarms for items that require time sensitive actions.
  • Send yourself text or email to record details or use a voice recorder and leave yourself pre-recorded reminders.
  • Discuss the short term memory and lack of motivation issues with the people who are closest to you. If they are educated, they aren’t as likely to be disappointed if you forget the odd thing and they may also be able to accept that there will be times when sedation may keep you from getting as much done as you had planned.
  • Choose strains specifically for their known benefits that best match what your brain and body need while avoiding strains that are known to aggrevate your particular condition.

If you suffer from anxiety (for example) do your research and choose strains that aren’t known to cause it.

For information on what the effects and attributes of strains are, go to a searchable strain database like: or simply type the particular strain name into a computer’s search engine and add cannabis. This will provide you with more detailed information about the strains you are interested in.

If you suffer from PTSD, looping thoughts or not being able to slow your mind down, choose a sedative Indica strain like Bubba Kush. It’s known for its uncanny ability to lower stress levels, treat both pain and insomnia and keep you feeling relaxed and calm.

No one needs to lose their marbles, they just need a plan, to succeed.